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How productivity expert says you should hack your to-do list

·2-min read
Woman doing to do list
Is your to-do list out of control? Here's how to fix it. Image: Getty

As millions of people around the world take up remote work the lines between home and the office have become blurred, meaning we’re working longer and harder.

But there are simple steps busy workers can take to reclaim their work-life balance, productivity coach and founder of Mayday VA Hollie Barac told Yahoo Finance.

In her role, Barac helps owners of creative businesses to harness productivity techniques to allow them to go deeper, without needing to work harder.

She said one of the main factors is helping business owners understand that they “can switch off” and that they don’t need to be “on” all the time.

Hollie Barac. Image: Supplied
Hollie Barac. Image: Supplied

For example, she doesn’t have work emails on her phone. She said simple steps like this can help prevent feelings of being overwhelmed by work and life demands - something she said is incredibly important when there are family and caring responsibilities also in the picture.

Her top tip, however, is to give your to-do list a major haircut.

“My top tip would be to get everything down visually,” she said.

“So have a list of what you need to do each day but… only do three things each day. That would be one thing from your household things that need to be done, one thing in your business to bring your business forward and one thing for you.”

She said that if you achieve those three goals, you’re ensuring that you’re moving forward in all elements of your life.

“Just do one small thing. Anything else is a bonus, otherwise you're just going to reach burnout, you really will and I know that from personal experience.”

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