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Prince Harry’s shocking net worth: From his $50m book to $150m Netflix deal

Prince Harry's bombshell book Spare has sent shockwaves, but it might surprise you how much the deal was worth.

A composite image of Australian money and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a number of multi-million dollar deals since stepping back from their royal roles. (Source: Getty)

While it’s hard to put an exact figure on how much Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are worth, there are a number of clues from public deals that give us some insight.

The royal couple made waves after stepping back from their official roles as working royals in 2020 and have since signed a number of lucrative deals in their efforts to become financially independent.

Here’s what we know about how much money they’re bringing in.

$150 million Netflix deal

The couple signed a deal with Netflix for around $150 million (US$100 million) back in September 2020 after stepping back from their royal roles.

The figure however is only reported and the exact amount has not been officially confirmed by Netflix or the couple.

$59 million book deal

In July 2021, Prince Harry announced he had signed a book deal with Penguin Random House, but the exact amount the deal was worth was not known.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Prince Harry actually signed a four-book deal with the publishers, worth between $51 million and $59 million (US$35 million to US$40 million).

According to Insider, Prince Harry actually pledged to donate the entire proceeds of the book to charity.

$51 million Spotify deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s deal with Spotify is reportedly worth $51 million (US$30 million).

Meghan produces and hosts her podcast Archetypes on Spotify, which launched its first episodes in 2022.

Princess Diana’s estate

Both Prince Harry and Prince William are thought to have inherited around $14 million (US$10 million) each from their mother’s estate following her death.

"I've got what my mum left me and, without that, we wouldn't have been able to do this," Prince Harry told Oprah in March 2021.

Military service salary

Prince Harry also served 10 years in the British Army as a Captain. It is estimated he earned around $74,000 (US$50,000) a year. Over 10 years that would have amounted to around $740,000 (US$500,000).

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