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Prime frenzy: Aussie forks out $200 for Logan Paul energy drink

Aussies are desperate to get their hands on Prime energy drinks, with some willing to fork out hundreds.

Logan Paul Prime
Aussies are desperate to get their hands on Prime energy drinks, with some willing to fork out hundreds. (Source: Prime/Airtasker)

Logan Paul and KSI’s viral energy drink Prime is hitting Aussie shelves and people are going to desperate lengths to get their hands on the goods.

The YouTubers and professional fighters launched the energy drink last year in the US and later expanded to the UK and Australia.

One Sydney woman is offering $200 on Airtasker for anyone who can snap up 12 bottles of the sports drink for her today.

“Looking for someone to visit Coles as soon as Prime drinks are on shelves and get me 12 bottles, preferably in a mix of flavours,” she wrote in the post.

Coles was previously advertising 500mL bottles of Prime Hydration for $5 online, so that would work out to $60 for a 12-pack of drinks. Meanwhile, online retailers are selling the drink for $10 each.

Flavours include strawberry watermelon, meta moon, ice pop, blue raspberry, tropical punch, lemon lime, grape, and orange.

But the drinks are in high demand, with Woolworths online currently out of stock and Coles no longer displaying the drinks online.

Aussies aren’t the only ones being swept up in the hype. In the UK, one shop went viral on TikTok after it started selling the Prime Hydration drink for a whopping £100 ($175).

In one video, which has since been removed from TikTok, a customer claimed to have spent an eye-watering £1,200 for 12 cans of the drink.

What are Prime energy drinks?

There are two kinds of Prime energy drinks: Prime Hydration and Prime Energy. Only Prime Hydration, which is caffeine-free, is available for general sale in Australia.

Prime Energy contains more than six times the amount of caffeine than a can of Coke and is well above the legal Australian limit.

In Australia, the maximum amount of caffeine for drinks is 32mg per 100ml. A can of Coke has 9mg per 100ml, while a can of Red Bull has 32mg per 100ml. Prime Energy has a whopping 56mg per 100ml.

Health experts in Australia have slammed the drink for having higher-than-legal caffeine levels as well as being marketed to the influencers’ primary audience which is children and teenagers.

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