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PICTURES: Samsung just showed off its FOLDABLE smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Fold. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung today unveiled its much-anticipated foldable smartphone in an attempt to create a whole new category in a market that’s struggling to come up with new features.

The company, at an event in San Francisco, revealed the Galaxy Fold would have a 7.3-inch wrap-around display that folds in half like a book. The device also has a 4.6-inch cover screen that faces outward in its folded form.

The phone will be released in the first half of this year, but no prices were announced. Interested Australians can already register to be the first to buy when it comes out.

Samsung Galaxy Fold. (Image: Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy Fold. (Image: Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy Fold. (Image: Samsung)

Similar to how the notebook and tablet computer categories have merged in recent years, Samsung is touting the device as a blurring of the line between phones and tablets, saying the unfolded display is the largest it has ever featured on a phone.

The company, which is the highest-selling phone brand in the world, first showed a flexible display prototype phone in 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Fold. (Image: Samsung)

Here are the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold:

Samsung Galaxy Fold specifications

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