Petrol prices bottom out ahead of Australia Day: 'Fill up now'

Sydney petrol prices have dropped ahead of the Australia Day public holiday.

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Petrol station. Australian money.
NRMA is urging Sydney motorists to fill up before Australia Day. (Source: Getty)

Sydney motorists are being urged to fill up now in the lead-up to Australia Day, as petrol prices hit the bottom of the price cycle.

The price of regular unleaded has dropped almost 30 cents per litre over the past month, according to NRMA, and is now 167.4 cents per litre on average across the city. Diesel prices have also dropped, falling almost 40 cents per litre since November last year to 200.2 cents per litre in Sydney.

With the wholesale price for unleaded now higher - at 169.6 cents per litre - NRMA is urging motorists to fill up now.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said there was currently a 54-cents-per-litre gap between the cheapest and most expensive service stations in Sydney, so Aussies could save by shopping around.

“Jumping on the my NRMA [app], finding the cheapest fuel around and filling up now while prices have bottomed out could help a family driving a standard family sedan as much as $30 on a tank of fuel. Amongst skyrocketing inflation that will go a long way to helping families,” Khoury said.

“With Australia Day landing on Thursday, we expect many people will take the Friday off and make a long weekend of it, this means packing the family car and heading off to a snap holiday. Every cent we can help families save at the bowser can go towards this welcomed break.”

Sydney motorists will need to get in quick, with NRMA predicting prices to take a turn soon before reaching a low of 190 cents per litre at the top of the next price cycle.

For regional NSW, NRMA expects prices to remain stable for the Australia Day break.

Unleaded petrol prices were varied across the capitals, with Melburnians currently paying 173.6 cents per litre, on average, and Brisbane residents 174.3 cents per litre, on average.

NSW Police has also reminded motorists that double demerit points will apply from 12:01am on Wednesday to 11:59pm on Sunday for speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle helmet offences.

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