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The Perfect Fitness Company To Help You Reach That Flat Tummy Goal-- Get to Know Slimiee Fit

Tomorrow’s Group, Inc
·3-min read

Slimiee Fit

Slimiee Fit
Slimiee Fit
Slimiee Fit

Los Angeles, CA, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Via Tomorrow’s Group -- Erileydi Coste, 27, is the founder and creator of Slimiee Fit -- the company aimed to be every girl’s fitness companion. After many years of trial and error in her own personal fitness journey, Coste managed to identify a few key essentials she felt were prominent to her success in reaching her ideal body shape. She pondered on how many people were struggling with the process of finding what worked for them, all in the same efforts to reach that ‘flat tummy’ goal. So, in 2019, she created Slimiee Fit.

The fitness company started off carrying what is now its most popular product: their signature waist trainer. This particular product was made to be unlike any other on the market after Coste’s research revealed that homemade waist trainers out of yoga mats were recommended by doctors as the safest, effective way to achieve a flat stomach. Similar products on the market were usually criticized for being too restrictive, or even harmful for natural body shapes. Coste decided she’d create a product that would still maintain the reliable structure of the competing waist trainers on the market, but with much softer materials.

The first batch released on the website consisted of 200 waist trainers. In just under two months, Slimiee Fit sold out of its entire inventory. The instant success was Coste’s sign that she was headed in the right direction. In intelligent marketing efforts, she followed up by asking her customers what they liked and disliked about the current product, as well as what else they wanted to see in future launches. For the second batch, Slimiee Fit brought back their OG waist trainer, as well as a modified version requested by consumers that consisted of a full vest, rather than the prior model that only cinched the waist. Before Coste knew it, the company had also sold out of the second launch.

Since then, the company has grown tremendously. It quickly went from ordering 200 waist trainers a month to ordering that same number of products on weekly basis. Despite the difficult circumstances of a pandemic, Slimiee Fit has soared due to consumers’ desires to enhance their at-home fitness routines as a result of gyms remaining closed. Since its opening, the company introduced new features to its existing waist trainers, including zippers and clips for optimal adjustable comfort, and it has also added an entire array of products to fulfill every body type, as well as every aspect of weight training. On Slimiee Fit’s site, you can find anything from glute bands to adorable workout outfits, water bottles, gym bags, and even a formulated fat-burning cream! All products can be found on, and international shipping is currently available for select countries in Europe and Latin America. You can also find more information on the company’s Instagram, @slimieefit.

As for future plans, Coste reveals that she will be launching more products in 2021, and she also plans to amplify on a bigger global scale. One of the upcoming launches will even include a “starter-kit” that will carry everything a beginner will need for their weight-loss journey. We can’t wait to see what Slimiee Fit does next.

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Slimiee Fit

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