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Tom Brady casually tosses Lombardi Trophy as Buccaneers celebrate Super Bowl win

Cassandra Negley
·2-min read

If you have to celebrate a Super Bowl championship while attempting to social distance, you might as well do it on boats. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are floating around the Hillsborough River in Tampa on Wednesday and going peak Florida Man doing it.

Just watch quarterback Tom Brady casually toss the Lombardi Trophy from his $2 million yacht. He just tosses that thing right over water.

If that isn't stressful enough, check out the view from the other boat. It didn't appear they believed Brady would actually do it. But as their relationship has often gone, tight end Rob Gronkowski was there for him. Or at least his boat and fellow partiers were there to snatch it and keep it relatively safe.

A late afternoon update on Brady: looks like he had a wonderful time. Good thing it's the offseason because sleeping off a Super Bowl title celebration at 43 years old is a far cry from doing it at 24.

Speaking of Gronk, is he going to fall off a boat at some point? Probably. But that's OK, because the cameras will always be on him to catch it happen.

Other players didn't have as much success avoiding the water. Chris Godwin watched his phone miss the deck when Scotty Miller dropped it in the river. At least a case of the drops came after the big game, not during it.

It's a gorgeous 85-degree day in Tampa and Leonard Fournette got mixed up in the heat.

How mixed up was he? So mixed up he joked Jason Pierre-Paul still had all his fingers. The defensive end lost part of his right hand in a fireworks accident in 2015.

Masks are required to attend the parade and Mayor Jane Castor emphasized that attendees must social distance. The riverwalk appeared just as packed in with Buccaneers fans as if the city were holding a parade on land.

Some fans were in kayaks and boats of their own out on the water. They were required to stay 50 feet from the official vessels.

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