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‘Paying for two accounts’: Netflix users urged to check account fees

Netflix users who cancelled subscriptions have found their accounts reactivated. Source: Getty

If you cancelled Netflix at some point within the last 10 months, you should check your account – now. 

A Netflix spokesperson in the UK has urged users to contact them if they suspect any unusual activity on their accounts, after customers who cancelled their subscription months ago found their accounts had been reactivated without their consent – and their passwords changed. 

According to BBC Radio 4 You and Yours, Netflix holds customer data – including billing details – on site for 10 months, and criminals can log into dormant accounts and reactivate them.

One user, Emily Keen, told BBC her account had been charged the £11.99 subscription fee in Netflix, despite cancelling the service in April.

“I tried to login to my account, but it said my email and password had not been recognised,” she said.

“It turns out the criminals had changed my login details completely and had signed me up for the most expensive service.”

And while Netflix assured Keen her account would be blocked and she would be refunded, her account was debited further in October and November. 

And she’s not the only one. 

One former Netflix user tweeted: “Super disappointed with my Netflix customer service experience. Our account was hacked, supposed to have been deactivated, was reactivated by hacker, and continued to use our credit card.”

“We just know we are paying for two accounts,” the user tweeted. 

Yahoo Finance has contacted Netflix Australia for comment.

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