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Mum spots 'scary' detail in reflection of sunglasses selfie

Brianne Tolj
·3-min read

A mum claims her innocent selfie captured a little more than she bargained for when she noticed something unusual in her reflection.

The woman, from Massachusetts in the US, posted the image on forum Quora earlier this month when someone else posed the question: “What’s the scariest thing you’ve found after taking it?”

She explained that she had snapped the image a few months ago after ordering new sunglasses so she could get her boyfriend’s opinion.

“So I sent the picture to my boyfriend and while I was waiting for a response I started to study how the glasses looked on me,” she said.

The mum's selfie.
A mum claims her innocent selfie captured a little more than she bargained for when she noticed something unusual in her reflection. Source: Quora

“Didn’t take long before I noticed something in the reflection that didn’t belong there,” the mum-of-three said pointing to what she said were the figures of two boys in her left lens.

She said none of her children, aged 18, 14 and 2, weren’t home that particular day.

“Directly through the doorway is my black dining room table and four chairs. That’s what you should be seeing in the reflection on my glasses. Buuuut that’s not what I see,” she said.

“I see two figures - a young boy standing on the left and a taller (kind of unsettling) figure on the right, side by side.”

Mum believes in spirits and ghosts

The mum said she does believe in spirits and ghosts and has previously been told by more than one psychic medium that she has the spirit of a young boy attached to her.

She said they also told her dark energy is attached to her.

“I’ve tried to blame the houses I was living in but that dark energy and all its shadows and nightmares have followed me, so apparently it is attached to me not the houses.

“Anyway, I’m not sure if that’s what’s being reflected in the glasses but seeing whatever it is as clearly as I do, sure scared the s**t out of me,” she said.

The woman's sunglasses reflection with a red circle around the two boys. Source: Quora
The woman said she saw what she said was the figures of two boys in her left lens. Source: Quora

While some people said the figures were simply a reflection of light, others agreed they could see the boys.

“The little boy looks like he is holding a sign or maybe it's his white shirt, but I feel more inclined to think it is a sign. If I hadn't read that there was a second figure I wouldn't have noticed, I gasped out loud at those glowing eyes. So creepy!” one woman said.

“I see what you’re talking about. If it is true what you were told in the past, then you need help to break the connection,” another said referring to the woman’s comments about a boy’s spirit being attached to her.

“Interesting story but I think we see what we want to see or what we might fear to see,” a man commented.

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