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Unusual way parents can make hundreds in pocket money

If you're using a product, why not review it and make money? Images: Supplied, Getty

When Isabel Bolton had her first child, she - as many parents do - decided she needed to try out several products to see which worked for her and her family. 

But unlike some parents, Bolton has turned that process of trial and elimination into a money spinner, making $470 from reviews on parenting e-commerce and advice platform Tell Me Baby since she had her first child two years ago.

“I had plenty of time to try out various products and give my thoughts and feedback on them,” she told Yahoo Finance.

“Making the extra money and putting it towards our weekly groceries was a nice bonus as well! It really helped out when my daughter was younger.”

Bolton does around five-10 reviews a week, with each review going towards a $20 Coles, Kmart or Target voucher, or a $25 Tell Me Baby voucher. 

Each review needs to be at least 50 words, with every review earning between 200 and 300 points. When the reviewers reach 2000 points, they can redeem the vouchers. That means parents can earn up to $25 for between seven and 10 reviews. 

“Instead of having to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get a few points towards a voucher, or wait until a rewards promotion is on to earn a small amount off your next shop, we wanted to  change the game and give back to parents who are passionate about helping other mums find the best baby products - by letting them earn cash just by chatting about their favourites,” Tell Me Baby’s Chief Operations Officer Alexie O’Brien said.

“This is a great way for parents at home on parental leave to earn some extra cash and choose where to spend it based on what their family needs.”

O’Brien said the site also employs a team of moderators and use an identification process to ensure fake reviews also don’t make their way onto the side. 

“Ensuring our members and all parents browsing the site are given the honest advice they need is our number one priority,” she said. 

For Bolton, the appeal is in supporting other parents in their decisions - earning money while doing it is a bonus. 

“It’s a fantastic way to make a bit of extra money throughout the year.”

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