Muffin Break GM slammed on social media for criticism of millennials who won’t work without pay

<em>(Photo: Yahoo Finance via, Twitter, Facebook)</em>
(Photo: Yahoo Finance via, Twitter, Facebook)

Millennials have an “inflated view of their self-importance” because of social media and aren’t willing to do unpaid work anymore.

At least, that’s the view of Muffin Break’s general manager Natalie Brennan in a piece published by

“I’m generalising, but it definitely feels like this generation of 20-somethings has to be rewarded even if it’s the most mundane, boring thing, they want to be rewarded for doing their job constantly,” complained Brennan.

“There’s just nobody walking in my door asking for an internship, work experience or unpaid work, nobody.”

It wasn’t long before the comments were roundly criticised and mocked on netizens on Twitter, with voices from union groups and prominent politicians among them.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) shot multiple tweets about Brennan’s comments across the weekend.

“Note to Muffin Break. People should be paid for the hours they work. Full stop,” the union wrote.

“This is a company with form & it’s simply #wagetheft to not pay workers the legal minimum wage,” ACTU president Michele O’Neil tweeted with the hashtag “#giveusabreak”.

ACTU’s secretary Sally McManus tweeted a thinly veiled warning for the bakery franchise.

NSW Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi and WA senator Jordan Steele-John also weighed in.

And it wasn’t just Australians who were angry.

US-based author Catherynne Valente pointed out the irony of the fact that Muffin Break was copping backlash on social media, the very platform that its general manager was criticising.

However, according to Muffin Break’s Facebook page, it appears Brennan has backtracked on her incendiary comments.

But people were not appeased, with many leaving comments on the post expressing their doubt or displeasure.

“Yeah nah not buying that. Or your muffins,” one Facebooker wrote.

“Bahahaha you think we are idiots. You use slave labour and are annoyed young people have clued on to it. You single handedly have caused massive problems for your franchisees. Stupid entitled rich woman,” another said.

Others yet were demanding that Brennan resign from her role.

“When will you be advertising the GM position?” another asked.

“You should sack her, she’s obviously got an over inflated view of herself and hasn’t satisfactorily done her mundane and boring job.”

“If she really wants to keep her job after this screw up she can ask for an unpaid internship.”

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