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Moonchild Daily Horoscope – March 05 2021

Yasmin Boland
·2-min read

Good news!

If you’re hoping to hear some good news, then today could be a good day for it. The news planet Mercury is meeting Jupiter, the planet of goodness. If you need to have a serious talk with someone, today’s vibe could lighten the mood a little bit. It’s not a cure for everything, but it certainly does set the stage for a positive day mentally, and that is half the battle, right?

Feeling stressed or anxious seems to be so common these days. From what I notice is seems to stem either from having too much on ones’ plate, or, not taking enough time off grid – so to speak. People seem to think the world will forget about them if they aren’t on social media every day. The constant demands of performing or producing has taken its toll. For you, it’s time to decide how you spend your time, as that is what will decide your peace of mind.

Want to change your life?

My beloved late dad was a psychiatrist of some note. Heck, he made it into the Australia’s Who’s Who for his work. He came at life from a very scientific view and when I first started to meditate and rabbit on and on about it every time I saw him, he wondered if I had joined a cult, so passionate was I! One thing we did agree on though was that our attitudes shape our life. I said “we create our own reality” and he said “what we believe to be true is true for you”. I will be talking about HOW we can shape our own reality in my free 7-Day Moonology Manifesting challenge which starts on Sunday. We already have 10,000 people signed up – join us – just click here.