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Monster wide receiver fantasy performances dominate in Week 12

Monster wide receiver fantasy performances dominate in Week 12

Among all the many storylines that can be read from Week 12, there were some seriously explosive wide receiver performances littered throughout the games. Whether it was amazing catches, incredible run-afters, or awesome touchdowns, a lot of wideouts helped turn the tide for fantasy managers in Week 12.

Take, for example, Vince here. Thanks to the services of DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, and Jarvis Landry, his fantasy team had a great week:

If you thought that three-headed-WR monster was nice, check this one out, with a total of 59.1 points spread between Landry, James Washington, and Robby Anderson — and the games weren’t even over!

At the time of this writing, however, no wide receiver had a bigger day than Chris Godwin. The Bucs stud’s monster performance (7-184-2) helped save this gamer’s season:

If we’re talking Week 12 wide receivers, we have to mention DJ Moore. A performance like Sunday’s (6-126-2) had been a long time coming:

Unfortunately, since we’re talking fantasy, these big WR performances also helped deliver some losses, like this gamer who ended up on the wrong end of A.J. Brown’s explosion (4-135-1):

And ... then there’s this. Hey, as someone who’s rostering Amari Cooper (0 catches in Week 12) in a league, I feel your pain, bro:

Which monster wide receiver performances in Week 12 helped/hurt you? Let us know in the comments and hit us up @YahooFantasy !