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Mom makes stark financial decision after discovering daughter’s OnlyFans account: ‘Extremely upset’

·2-min read

A mother stopped paying her daughter’s college tuition after she discovered how much the student made through OnlyFans.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share the reason for her decision. Her daughter Jess started an OnlyFans with the mother’s blessing but after the pandemic hit, the family’s financial situation changed. The mother can no longer afford to pay the tuition and Jess, thanks to her OnlyFans earnings, can. However, the daughter felt as though her parents broke their promise to her.

“[Jess] makes $5,000 each month and she says she’s expected to start earning even more,” the mother explained. “Jess has also been smart about the money and has been saving it up for her dream apartment after college. Now here comes the issue and the hard decision on my part. This September, my husband lost his job due to COVID-19 and has been out of work since.”

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The woman and her husband are struggling to stay afloat, may lose their home and are dealing with medical expenses.

“My husband and I considered the circumstances and ultimately we decided that the best solution would be to pay for Jess’ upcoming semester and have her take care of her tuition for her senior year,” the mother said. “That way, we can have a bit more cushion in the upcoming year to stay afloat while my husband looks for work. We brought this up to Jess and laid out all of our reasons, but she was extremely upset and felt that we broke our promise. She said that we wouldn’t have been so quick to jump on this idea if she’d made her money through other, more ‘hardworking’ means and that she should’ve never told me her earnings. Jess is no longer speaking with us.”

Reddit users thought the mother’s request was reasonable.

“She’s lucky that she has an income,” someone wrote.

“The entitlement is astounding,” another said.

“She is selfish by making that much a month then getting mad,” a user commented.

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