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What is ‘millennial gray’ or ‘corporate gray’?

Millennials are so into gray that it’s become a color staple in most of their homes, from wall paint to living room furniture to kitchen cabinets.

But it’s also become something of a punchline on TikTok, where the terms “corporate gray” and “millennial gray” have recently been coined to describe the aesthetic.

It’s also become a new way of calling someone “old” or out-of-touch.

Urban Dictionary defines millennial gray as: “The sad depressive hue of the color gray which many millennials coat their life in. The color reflects how millennials went from non-sense happiness, looking at cartoon network and Nickelodeon in the 90’s to Inflation and depression in the early 2020s.”

A lot of Gen Zers on TikTok have been sounding off lately about the outdated trend, and they are definitely not holding back about how they feel.

As a result, many millennials have gotten defensive over the whole thing.


“I feel so attacked,” wrote @spooky_mama91 after watching a video making fun of the trend.

“Who decided on ‘millennial grey?'” responded @ccs_diary26 in another recent stitch. “Are we a grey people? When did that become a thing?”

But in another viral TikTok, @chris.rory tried to cut through the drama.

“Whenever you hear the term ‘millennial’ anything, treat it with suspicion,” the TikToker advised. “We never used to talk about generations with terms like this. We didn’t use words like Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z.”

According to @chris.rory, economists (and the media) use these terms to divide and categorize us — especially regarding our spending habits. And for some reason, the public has latched on.

“It’s weird when people start identifying with that patronizing term,” the TikToker added.

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