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Mike Perry's move to scrap his corner crew for his girlfriend worked, and fans loved it

Mike Perry's girlfriend stole the show during his win against Mickey Gall on Saturday night, serving as his lone cornerwoman in the bout. (Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

UFC fighters generally have a whole crew of cornermen backing them each time they step into the Octagon.

On Saturday, Mike Perry broke from the trend — and it seemed to work out extremely well.

Perry, during his bout against Mickey Gall on Saturday night at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas, just brought his girlfriend along with him to work in his corner.

The decision, though strange, was extremely entertaining to watch play out between rounds.

The corner was strangely quiet, with just his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez, giving him advice and icing his back and neck. At times, Perry even had to get his own water.

Naturally, fans were quick to jump on social media with plenty of jokes.

While it’s easy to find humor in it, many actually gave both Gonzalez and Perry a lot of credit for the move too — especially given the fact that he beat Gall via unanimous decision. 

Perry calls out the IRS

Perry gave a stellar post-fight interview, too.

While talking about his win and the money he’s made off of the bout, Perry ended up hilariously calling out the United States government and the IRS for taking so much of his income in taxes.

“I’m going to go put some things together. I’ve got to go pay some bills, pay some debts,” Perry said. “I’ve got to go talk to the tax folk and see if we can run that number down because I believe I paid out over $100,000 last year between a couple different countries, and then they trying to hit me again at the end of the year. It’s almost like I don’t even fight for minimum wage sometimes so ... I’m asking for the government to stop taking so much of this.

“Something got to work out, maybe we put in contract that taxes get paid when Platinum gets paid ... I’m trying to wild out bro. I’m need Mai Tais on the beach!”

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