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Michael Douglas Returned To Wall Street Yesterday For The Closing Bell [Photos]

Aly Weisman

In 1988, Michael Douglas won an Oscar for playing Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street."

On Wednesday, Douglas returned to the New York Stock Exchange to ring the closing bell and deliver a speech on behalf of The Windward School, where his children attend. 

Douglas kicked off his speech in the Euronext board room by  jokingly saying,  " It’s so nice to be back at the scene of the crime."

Douglas' speech was in order to elevate the conversation around dyslexia and celebrate the  White Plains-based school's expansion to a Manhattan campus.

The Windward School  is an independent school for grades first through ninth, tailored for students with language based disabilities – primarily dyslexia.

Not only does one of Michael Douglas  and Catherine Zeta Jones' children attend the school, but so does Harvey Weinstein's offspring,  a source tells Business Insider.

Douglas says he and wife knew the school was a place they wanted to  support because the academic  program is designed to enable 98 percent of their students to return to mainstream education.

See photos of Michael Douglas and Harvey Weinstein at the NYSE below:

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