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McDonald's told to pay up over mouse-tail burger

The McDonald's fast-food chain sign outside the restaurant in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, April 8, 2014

McDonald's must pay a fine for selling a burger containing the tail of a mouse, a court in Chile has ruled.

The appeals court in the city of Temuco upheld a ruling against the fast-food giant ordering it to pay two million pesos ($3,600) following the incident in June 2012, according to the court judgment seen by AFP.

McDonald's must also pay an additional fine but the amount was not specified.

The fine reflects "failures or deficiencies" on behalf of McDonald's in the quality of its service, the court ruled, accusing the company of "neglect" in its quality control.

Following the incident, health authorities temporarily closed the affected branch in Temuco, about 700 kilometers (450 miles) south of the capital Santiago.