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Matt Ryan: Colin Kaepernick 'should have every opportunity' to return to NFL

Last week, Matt Ryan launched a GoFundMe campaign with $500,000 of his own money to help “improve the community for people of color” in Atlanta.

On Tuesday, he advocated for Colin Kaepernick’s return to the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback spoke with ESPN’s Vaughn McClure on Tuesday about the NFL’s shift on peaceful protests, with commissioner Roger Goodell admitting on Friday that the league was wrong to discourage players from kneeling to raise awareness of social injustice and police brutality.

He said the next step is for Kaepernick to have a genuine opportunity to return to the NFL.

‘His protest is being heard’

“As far as Colin being back in the league, I think he should have every opportunity to,” Ryan said. “He created awareness for a situation that — it’s taken some time — but people are becoming more active in terms of their response to it.

“I think from that standpoint, his protest is being heard at this point. It might have taken too long. But I think he should have every opportunity to have a job and have a spot in this league.”

Matt Ryan advocated for Colin Kaepernick's return to the NFL on Tuesday. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Will Kaepernick get a shot?

Goodell’s statement made waves last week for the league’s about-face on players kneeling and also for neglecting to mention Kaepernick, who hasn’t played in the NFL in three seasons since becoming the face of NFL player protests.

Kaepernick, 32, has repeatedly declared his desire to return to football while touting his maintenance of his football fitness and readiness. Unless Kaepernick gets a genuine opportunity to return to the NFL, Goodell’s statement will ultimately fall upon a lot of deaf ears.

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