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Huge $263 fine for parking in popular spot

You've probably done this before. Images: Getty

It’s something many drivers have done: arrived at a friend’s house to see there’s no room in the driveway, so they pull onto the verge to park. But that simple act could land you with a massive fine. 

Parking on your nature strip or verge can land you with a fine of up to $263, with authorities claiming parking in the popular spot can impede drivers’ and pedestrians’ lines of sight. 

Drivers face a fine of up to $120 in the ACT, while those in NSW can be forced to pay up to $263 and in Victoria drivers have to pay $97.

In South Australia, the infringement comes with a $129 penalty, and in Queensland you’ll be stung with a $91 fine.  

The authorities aren’t required to issue warnings in NSW, with the penalties introduced in 2014.

NSW man Shane Reed and his son Jeremy learnt that lesson the hard way, when they were slapped with a $263 fine in January. 

"That's more than you get for a speeding fine," Reed told the Central Western Daily at the time. 

"Everyone knows speeding's illegal, everyone knows drink-driving's illegal, but not this."

And in Queensland, the issue is hotly debated. Several Sunshine Coast residents received $91 fines for parking their cars with two wheels on the nature strip, leading local councils to debate whether there should be some provision allowing the safe parking on nature strips. 

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