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Worker fired after complaining about Christmas present on Twitter

Ever got a present you didn't want? Image: Getty

A Canadian worker has been left jobless after complaining about a lacklustre Christmas present on Twitter. 

The branch manager for US company Fastenal was fired just before New Year’s Day after panning the company’s US$27 (AU$39.30) gift of a bottle of barbeque sauce and a grill scraper on Twitter. 

“What kind of multi billion company gifts its Canadian employees barbecue sauce as a holiday gift? Yet the USA employees stuff their face with an actual holiday giftbox?” the worker complained on Twitter, according to The Star Tribune.

The tweet – which tagged the company – went viral. 

Unwanted gift? According to Gumtree, Australians receive 18 million unwanted gifts every Christmas – more than half of Australian adults. The marketplace suggests those who are less than thrilled with their gift resell them. The average resold Christmas gift on Gumtree goes for $86.

“I am not going to deny it. We did terminate an employee,” CEO Dan Florness said, adding that he was “surprised” by the tweet. 

Facing heavy online criticism, Florness said the firing might have been “an overreaction” and he may personally have made a different decision than those who did terminate the employees’ contract. 

Company-wide Tupac email sends another on a job hunt

Earlier last year, Iowa man Jerry Foxhoven lost his job after sending a company-wide email about Tupac’s birthday.

The leader of the Department of Human Services sent the letter featuring an inspirational quote from the late rapper. That email made up part of the 350 pages of emails sent to and from Foxhoven featuring the words ‘Tupac’ or ‘2Pac’.

In a statement to Iowa Public Radio, a spokesperson for the Iowa governor said “she wanted to go in a new direction”.

“She has spent the first part of this year assembling a new team, from top to bottom, to carry out her vision. More changes will be announced in the coming days and weeks ahead."

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