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Man allegedly took $11 million from stolen identities

A man is accused of buying cars and overseas trips with $11 million stolen from unsuspecting victims. (Images: Getty)

A man has been charged with 24 offences relating to identity theft and fraud, accused of stealing $11 million from people all over Australia.

NSW Police arrested 31-year-old Adam Jones on Wednesday, and he remains behind bars after not applying for bail at court on Thursday.

Jones, who had moved to Sydney from Adelaide last year, was allegedly found with a massive database of stolen personal information, such as drivers' licences, tax file numbers and passports.

He is accused of participating in a fraud ring that used stolen identities to unknowingly withdraw millions from victims' superannuation and savings accounts.

The money was then allegedly transferred into hard-to-trace cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

NSW detective superintendent Matthew Craft said the stolen money was used on fast cars and overseas trips.

"The fact that superannuation was targeted in this way is extremely distressing and disgraceful," he said.

"It's quite concerning that there is in excess of 100 people that we've identified as somehow having their credentials compromised."

Two of Jones' friends – a 32-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman – were also arrested in two Adelaide residences on Wednesday.

South Australia law enforcement was already investigating Jones in late 2018 before NSW Police took control of the case last year.

Victims have been identified in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. 

Jones was in Sydney working as an unpaid intern at the NSW Institute of Sport, which has cooperated with police enquiries.

– with AAP

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