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The top 15 emerging jobs of 2020 revealed

Jessica Yun
(Source: Getty)
(Source: Getty)

The workforce is changing and, as a result, jobs are too.

In the new decade, there will be less demand for some skills and more for others – including artificial intelligence and data skills, customer service, and accelerating company and product growth.

LinkedIn Australia crunched the data and found 15 top ‘emerging jobs’ that have seen tremendous growth in the last five years and are being consistently hired every year.

They may not be brand-new roles; an ‘emerging’ job may have grown out of a more traditional position, or one created to address evolving business needs.

“Often these roles are indicative of larger industry trends, or represent societal shifts that are increasing demand for a role,” said LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report Australia.

Here are LinkedIn’s top 15 emerging jobs for 2020:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist: Works on getting machines to learn, respond to the environment, and perform tasks autonomously.

  2. Cybersecurity Specialist: Keep computer information systems secure against cyber crime; develops security programs and implements them.

  3. Marketing Automation Specialist: Requires both technical and creative skills; expected to use traditional marketing acumen with digital technology.

  4. Robotics Engineer (Software): Build and deploy software known as Robots Process Automation

  5. Site Reliability Engineer: Traditionally performed by an operations team member who will identify opportunities for automation.

  6. Customer Success Specialist: Rather than being reactive to complaints, customer success specialists works proactively to understand client needs and how to meet those needs.

  7. Data Scientist: Both a computer scientist and a mathematician, and excellent at spotting trends.

  8. Data Engineer: In charge of things like pipelines, data workflow management and other processes.

  9. Growth Manager: Uses growth hacking techniques to attract more buyers or users.

  10. Chief Strategy Officer: Responsible for developing strategies that deliver growth across the business.

  11. Anti-money Laundering Specialist: Experts in regulation and spots potential money-laundering activities and stops them.

  12. Product Owner: Oversees every stage of a project’s development and is responsible for the value of the products created. This role combines market analyst, project management, product designer and business strategist.

  13. Service Designer: Customer-centric and understands how people interact with services, whether a government service or a bank, to improve their experience.

  14. Full Stack Engineer: Combination of front-end web development and software development skills, meaning they can run a project from start to finish.

  15. Automation Consultant: Introduces software and digital processes into organisations for greater efficiency.

Tech is a top job-driver

Many of the top jobs are tech-related, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an automation or robotics expert to take advantage of this trend.

“The idea of a tech job automatically equating to a hard-skill job is one that needs to be put to bed,” the report said.

Speaking at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit earlier this year, Swinburne University professor Sean Gallagher said it’s your humanity, not your digital skills, that will see you get ahead.

“In increasingly digital environments, we need to be increasingly human in order to be able to compete, and to work effectively,” he said.

The report said: “We now have a clear picture of how the explosive growth in the tech industry has resulted not just in heavy demand for core tech and engineering jobs, but also jobs like customer success specialist in the tech sector that require expertise in skills like relationship management.”

Indeed, these ‘emerging’ roles reflect the importance of putting the customer first.

“Customers expect quick solutions to problems and ready answers to their questions.

“The rise of emerging jobs, like marketing automation specialist, site reliability engineer, service designer and customer success manager all reflect the different ways in which companies are making sure the customers are coming first.”

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