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Letter from the editor: These are far from normal times

Letter from the editor. Source: Getty
Letter from the editor. Source: Getty

A friend called me yesterday and told me she lost her job. Her husband lost his job last week. She is not eligible for the new JobSeeker payment. They also have a new mortgage.

It hit home. Neighbours, friends, family, people who have never been without work - suddenly jobless, scared and stressed.

Within a matter of weeks, we’ll all know someone who has been impacted by the pandemic ripping through the world; either by the disease, or by the shockwaves it is causing.

What started as a health crisis has simultaneously turned into an economic and labour market emergency. The speed at which it is happening has little parallel, and has left scant time to pause, reflect, breathe.


History will give us hindsight, but as the huge amount of change slows and we settle into the daily grind of tough times, we can still be hopeful in the moment.

Hopeful that poor leadership will be exposed, and those who display transparency, decisiveness and humanity will emerge.

Hopeful that the blind pursuit of profit and growth at the expense of employees, the environment, science and the community is not sustainable.

Hopeful that flexible work solutions will become tried, tested and embedded.

Hopeful our healthcare workers will be fairly paid, and the healthcare systems they serve will no longer be underfunded.

And hopeful that, once this is over, we will have learned to value those things we temporarily lost; a trip to the coast, the buzz of a busy restaurant, planning a holiday, Friday night drinks with friends, a hug…

Our commitment to you

So while we pledge to remain honest, transparent and direct with you as we continue on this journey through economic upheaval and uncertainty, I also want to give this promise.

We will strive to look for opportunity in the gloom rather than blame and regret. We will report facts and statistics, but also find stories of optimism, innovation and ingenuity.

This will be the defining moment of our times. Let’s also make it our finest.

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