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Kyle Rudolph said media member asked for his gloves from game-winning TD, then they ended up on eBay

To hear Kyle Rudolph tell it, the Minnesota Vikings tight end thought he was doing a nice thing for charity.

Rudolph said he was asked by a “member of the media” for his gloves in the locker room after he caught the game-winning touchdown in overtime of the Vikings’ win against the New Orleans Saints. Rudolph said he was told it was for charity. Not only did Rudolph give up the gloves, he signed them.

A few days later, he was informed that his gloves had sold on eBay.

‘Well he got me’

Rudolph was informed of the auction for his gloves on eBay, and he said he was already aware.

This is highly unusual, as media are not allowed to ask for autographs and while it’s not specifically stated on credentials, they shouldn’t be asking players for their gloves either. Rudolph didn’t specify who asked him, but whoever it was could lose his credentials. Presumably, Rudolph recognized the man who asked for the gloves, because it’s hard to imagine he’d hand them to a stranger.

(UPDATE: Rudolph actually did hand them to a stranger ... )

Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph (82) pulls in the game winning touchdown pass over New Orleans Saints cornerback P.J. Williams (26). (AP Photo/Brett Duke)

Rudolph’s gloves sell online

The other surprising part of the story is that the gloves went for just $375.50. While it’s not the ball that went through Bill Buckner’s legs in terms of valuable sports memorabilia, that seems like a great item from a historic moment in Vikings history.

Maybe there’s more to the story. Perhaps the money from the eBay auction did go to charity. Maybe the person who got the gloves was misidentified by Rudolph as a media member. Perhaps Rudolph will decide to identify who it was and that person will have to deal with the fallout.

Either way, it’s a strange tale from one of the best games of this NFL season. At least it had a happy ending:

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