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We launched the @EngadgetDeals Twitter account two years ago, and now we’re excited to announce yet another way you can keep up with the best tech deals. The new Engadget Deals newsletter will launch soon, and you can subscribe now to get the latest deals on our favorite consumer electronics delivered to your inbox regularly.

The @EngadgetDeals Twitter account isn’t going away, of course. The newsletter will be just another option you have if you’re interested in the deals we cover. Engadget has been covering tech sales and discounts in earnest for a few years, and now we even have a dedicated spot on our homepage for it. A big part of our consumer electronics coverage is reviews, and we know that many of you seek out our product coverage as you’re deciding what smartphone to buy or which laptop to invest in next.

We hope our deals coverage can be useful in a similar way as something you turn to when you want to know if a sale is actually a good one, or if a gadget you’ve had your eye on for a while is worth picking up on discount. And you can trust that we’re only going to cover worthwhile deals on worthwhile products. If we don’t like a gadget, or if a discount isn’t that great, we won’t cover it.

The Engadget Deals newsletter is another way for us to deliver that information and advice to you, in a place where you’re bound to see it regularly. It’ll highlight our favorite tech deals you can get right now, along with our latest product reviews, buying guides and gift guides. And during peak shopping periods like Amazon Prime Day or the holidays, you can turn to the newsletter as a sort of deals curator, a helper that will only surface the tech deals that are actually worth your money.

If you’re someone who’s always looking for a bargain, or someone who wants to grab a specific gadget at the best price possible, consider subscribing to the new Engadget Deals newsletter. It’ll start going out weekly soon. And if you live on Twitter and haven’t already, be sure to follow @EngadgetDeals over there, too.

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