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Instagram loses controversial 'following' tab

Instagram will cut its following tab. Source: Getty

After shedding like counts on our feeds, Instagram is axing another controversial and little-known feature: its following tab.

Used predominantly as a stalking tool to see what your significant other (or an ex) is up to, rather than to aid with new account discovery as the company had intended, the following tab is getting the cut.

The following tab on Instagram. Source: Supplied

Instagram said its ‘Explore’ tab was the new go-to place to find new people, places and hashtags to follow.

"We're always working to make Instagram the best space to connect with the people and things you love," an Instagram spokesperson said.

"While this includes introducing new features, it also means removing old ones that may no longer be useful.

“Starting today, we will begin removing the 'Following' tab. This leaves the 'You' tab which will now be known as 'Activity.'"

At the same time, Instagram introduced a new feature to boost security.

Under a new ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab in Settings, users can see emails sent by Instagram in the past 14 days to cut down on accounts hacked via phishing attempts.

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