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Indonesian Construction Chemicals Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.26% between FY'20 to FY'25: Ken Research

·7-min read

The report focuses on the construction chemicals market size, Construction Chemical market segmentation by Organized and Unorganized construction chemical market, by Type of Construction chemicals (Concrete Additives, Waterproofing, Tile Adhesives, Flooring, Repair and Rehabilitation Chemicals, Sealants, Grouting chemicals, and Coatings), by organized and unorganized concrete additives, by organized and unorganized waterproofing, by organized and unorganized tile adhesive, by organized and unorganized flooring, by organized and unorganized repair and rehabilitation chemicals, by organized and unorganized sealants, by organized and unorganized grouting chemicals and by organized and unorganized coatings.

Gurugram, India, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

  • Construction sector had to bear the worst impact of COVID 19 as there was a major financial and manpower crunch in the market. This indirectly impacted the construction chemicals market adversely.

  • The Concrete Admixtures market is anticipated to grow the fastest, with a CAGR of 14.2 % during the forecast period FY'20-FY'25.

Adoption of Sustainable Products and Technological Advancements: The demand for products with features such as lower water consumption is increasing among consumers, due to frequent droughts and water scarcity problems in Indonesia. In addition to this, stricter environmental regulations from government and the Green building council, especially after the announcement of the new capital, are also driving the demand for greener solutions. This has motivated companies to introduce eco-friendly construction chemicals. The construction chemicals domain is highly cost-competitive in Indonesia.

Massive Projected demand from Infrastructure sector in Indonesia: With President Jokowi's focus on expanding infrastructure efforts to outside Java, and announcing a new capital in Kalimantan, a surge in demand of construction chemical is expected. Infrastructure construction activities are the major end users of construction chemicals in the country. The government of Indonesia's commitment to increase spending on infrastructure and housing development will bode well for the expansion of the construction chemicals market in the country. The upcoming major infrastructure projects such as those under National Strategic Projects, are to present a huge growth potential for the construction chemicals in Indonesia.

Increasing investments in Research and Development: The leading construction chemical players in Indonesia are investing in research & development activities and manufacturing plants to achieve a competitive edge. Manufacturers need to work with construction industry experts and end users to develop new construction chemical products.

The report titled "Indonesian Construction Chemicals Market Outlook to 2025: Ongoing and Healthy Pipeline of Ambitious Infrastructure Projects are driving the growth of Construction Chemicals Market" by Ken Research suggested that the Indonesia construction chemicals market is expected to grow further in the near future, with the growing residential and infrastructure construction. The market is expected to register a positive CAGR of 9.26 % in terms of revenue during the forecast period ofFY'20-FY'25.

Key Segments Covered in Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market:-

  • By Type of Construction Chemical Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

  • By Type of Construction Chemicals

    • Concrete Additives

    • Waterproofing

    • Repair and Rehabilitation Chemicals

    • Sealants

    • Tile Adhesives

    • Flooring

  • By Type of Concrete Additives Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

  • By Type of Waterproofing Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

  • By Type of Repair and Rehabilitation Chemicals Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

  • By Type of Sealants Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

  • By Type of Tile Adhesives Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

  • By Type of Flooring Market

    • Organized

    • Unorganized

Key Target Audience:-

  • Construction Chemical companies

  • Concrete Additive companies

  • Waterproofing companies

  • Adhesive and Sealant Companies

  • Repair and Rehabilitation Chemical companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period:FY'15-FY'20

  • Forecast Period: FY'20-FY'25

Construction Chemical Companies in Indonesia:-

  • Aquaproof (PT Adhi Cakra)

  • PT MBS Indonesia

  • PT Bostik Indonesia

  • PT Dow Chemical Indonesia

  • PT FOSROC Indonesia

  • PT Sika Indonesia

  • PT Mapei Indonesia

  • PT Estop Indonesia

  • PT Miranila Abadi (Ultrachem)

  • Bossil (Nippon paint Subsidiary)

  • PT Propan Indonesia

  • Mortar Utama-Weber

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

  • Global overview of construction chemicals market

  • Construction Chemical Market Ecosystem

  • Value chain Analysis of Construction Chemicals market

  • Demand side analysis of Construction Chemicals market

  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis of the Indonesian Construction Chemicals Market

  • SWOT Analysis of Construction Chemicals Market

  • Key Trends in Indonesia Construction Chemicals Ecosystem

  • Government's Role in the Indonesian Construction Chemical Market

  • Recent Developments in Indonesian Construction Chemical Market

  • Import Export Scenario of Raw Materials in Indonesia Construction Chemical Market

  • Import Export Scenario of Specialty Chemicals in Indonesia Construction Chemical Market

  • Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market End User Analysis

  • Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market Size and Segmentation

  • Market Share of Construction Chemical Companies on the basis of Revenue

  • Financial and Business Landscape of Indonesia Construction Chemicals Players

  • Product Landscape of Indonesia Construction Chemicals Players

  • Company Profile of Major Construction Chemical Companies in Indonesia

  • Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market Future Outlook and Projections

  • COVID-19 Impact on the Construction Chemicals Industry

  • Forward Path and Recommendations

  • Analyst Recommendation

  • Indonesia Construction Chemical Market

  • Indonesia Concrete Admixture Market

  • Indonesia Waterproofing Market

  • Indonesia Tile Adhesive Market

  • Indonesia Repair and Rehabilitation Market

  • Indonesia Flooring Market

  • Indonesia Sealants Market

  • Organized Construction Chemical Market

  • Unorganized Construction Chemical Market

  • Global Construction Chemical Market

  • Global Concrete Admixture Market

  • Global Waterproofing Market

  • Global Coatings Market

  • Global Repair and Rehabilitation Market

  • Global Flooring Market

  • Global Sealants Market

  • Indonesia Construction Chemical Supply Chain

  • Indonesia Waterproofing Manufacturers

  • Construction Chemical in Central Indonesia

  • Construction Chemical in East Indonesia

  • Construction Chemical in West Indonesia

  • Construction Chemical in Java

  • Construction Chemical in Kalimantan

  • Construction Chemical in Papua

  • Construction Chemical in Sumatra

  • Construction Chemical in Sulawesi

  • Construction Chemical in Nusa Tenggara

  • Indonesia B2B Construction Chemical Sales

  • Indonesia B2C Construction Chemical Sales

  • Indonesia Real Estate Sector

  • Indonesia Construction Industry

  • Consumption of Construction Chemical in Indonesia

  • Indonesia Construction Chemical Market Revenue

  • Market share of Indonesia Concrete Admixture

  • Market share of Indonesia Waterproofing

  • Market share of Indonesia Tile Adhesives

  • Market share of Indonesia Flooring

  • Market share of Indonesia Repair and Rehabilitation

  • Market share of Indonesia Sealants

  • Major companies in Indonesia Construction Chemicals

  • Revenue of Indonesia Construction Chemical Companies

  • Future of Indonesia Construction Chemical Market

  • COVID-19 Impact on Indonesia Construction Chemical Market

  • COVID-19 Impact on Indonesia Infrastructure Market

  • COVID-19 Impact on Indonesia Real Estate Market

For More Information On the research report, refer to below link:-

Indonesian Construction Chemicals Market

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India Adhesives Market Outlook to FY'2026: Surging Demand for Water Based Adhesives in the Growing Wood Working Industry to Influence Market Growth

India adhesives market showcased a stagnant growth rate in the last few years and recorded a CAGR of 7.5% during FY'15-FY'20. Surging demand for water based adhesives in India is contributing to the growth of the adhesives industry in India. Government initiatives such as Make in India and Smart Cities projects are contributing to adhesive market growth. There is significant demand from the Western Region of India. Fluctuating raw material prices (VAM), which move in tandem with crude oil prices, high setup costs and high R&D expenditure required in the adhesives market is posing as a challenge to the adhesives industry in India. Global companies are expanding their presence to target a larger target audience across India. The market witnessed a decline in the demand for adhesives during the Q2 of 2020 owing to COVID-19 situation.

APAC Flexible Workspace Market Outlook to 2025- By Type (Hybrid Spaces, Serviced Spaces and Co-Working Spaces), By Country (China, India, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore and South Korea) and By End Users (Enterprises, MSME's/Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs/Freelancers)

The flexible workspace industry in APAC gained traction during the time frame 2016-2017 when the global market leader WeWork expanded in multiple geographies. The supply in the industry has been drastically growing during the period 2016-2019. The industry has been evolving ever since its inception, with major trends in the industry being growing number of local players, changing amenity mix or amenitisation, increasing market consolidation, development of premium design workspaces at premium locations and increasing landlord participation.

GCC Smart Home Market Outlook to 2025 - Smart Entertainment Systems and Smart Lighting Solutions to support Market Growth

The GCC Smart Home market is in its nascent stage with fragmented competition and an import dominated setup. The market is supported by improving technological infrastructure, governments taking efforts to move away from oil based industries and taking efforts to create smart cities and a rising youth population. Recently the governments of UAE and Saudi Arabia have amended their ICT policies and created regulations for Smart Device manufacturers, to comply with quality and data security rules. Demand is focused towards wireless technology, as it is friendlier for smaller residential spaces. The number of apartments has been on the rise, for instance the number of apartments rose by 2.6% as compared to the number of villas (1.9%) in Saudi Arabia from 2017-2018.

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