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'Best day ever': 7/11 offers free Slurpees

Will you get one? Images: Getty, 7/11 via Facebook

Today is the 7th of November, and to celebrate, 7/11 is giving Australians free large Slurpees. 

In order to pick up the freebie, shoppers need to make a purchase in store – including fuel – and can then score a free large Slurpee, regular coffee, coffee melt or 7/11 iced coffee. 

But some Australians are less than impressed with the deal. 

“I remember when slurpees were just free outright on 7/11 day and it was always a thing for me because the 7th of November is my birthday,” one shopper commented on 7/11’s Facebook post. 

However, most were excited. 

“Free slurpee for lunch yesss!!!” said one. 

“Definitely best day of the year,” added another.

The deal will continue until midnight on Thursday, or until stocks run out.

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