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How much is too much for a #democracysausage?

Opposition hopeful Bill Shorten enjoys a sausage sandwich this morning, while Twitter users share their local #democracysausage offerings. Images: Getty, Twitter

It’s Australian politics’ biggest day, and for charity fundraisers, it’s not a bad day either.

With nearly 2,000 sausage sizzles attached to polling booths, Australian voters are picking up a delicious snag to celebrate their democratic right to vote.

Whether they’re $4 or $2.50, with extra bacon or vegan, Australians can’t stop discussing the availability, taste and price of the snags.

Stalls seem split over whether the price of a democracy sausage should be $2.50 or $4, although some stalls have prices as high as $5.

If you’re voting in Sydney suburb Stanmore, you can pick up a sausage for $4, or if you’re feeling a little bit special, you can pick up a haloumi, rocket and relish sandwich for $7.

Over at Camdenville Public School, their sausage stand has drawn a lot of love, featuring delicious treats like The Josh Fried’N’Burg sausage and egg sandwich for $5.

Alternatively, hungry voters can pick up The Pauline, a plain white roll for just 75 cents.

They also have Au Pear tarts “sponsored by P. Dutton” for $3 and Adani coal chocolate crackles for $1.

At Bronte, voters can pick up The Phelps bacon and egg roll for $5, The Shorten sausage roll for $4, The Sharma Surprise sausage and bacon, and in limited supply - The Hawke RIP is a chicken wrap with lettuce, onion and mayo for $7.

And it’s not just voters in Australia. Voters sharing their opinions at the Australian Embassy in Berlin have shared photos of their “priceless” 1€ sausage.

No such luck at the embassy in Bangkok, however.

Kelso Community Centre has sausages for just $2.50, but Australians exercising their democratic rights can also pick up hamburgers and even veggie burgers for $4.

Polling booths in Hill Top in the Southern Highlands have similarly low prices: $2.50 for a sausage sandwich, and $1.50 for a milo.

Volunteers have been up since the crack of dawn preparing tasty treats.

But not all have been rewarded, with some voters voting locally before heading to other locales to pick up gourmet treats.

And in North Sydney, the queue for the sausage has been longer than to vote.

One thing’s for sure though: Australians love their democracy sausages.

Polls close at 6pm sharp today.

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