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How much have Alan Jones’ comments cost 2GB?

Alan Jones comments could be 'insignificant' to 2GB. Source: Getty

2GB radio station host Alan Jones has been making headlines for his on-air misogynistic comments about New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern.

Last week, Jones suggested Prime Minister Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down her throat,” referencing the NZ PM’s views on climate change.

Jones also said he hopes Morrison “gets tough here with a few backhanders” and that Arden “hasn’t got a clue”.

As a result of Jones’ polarising comments, which were condemned by both the Aussie PM and Macquarie Media’s chairman, Russell Tate, who said Jones’ contract would be terminated if he made “any recurrence of commentary of this nature”, many advertisers on 2GB have been pulling their dollars from the show.

Who’s pulled advertising from 2GB so far?

Over the weekend, ME Bank was one of the first to cut ties with 2GB, stating: “We take this very seriously and these types of comments don’t reflect our values.”

ME Bank went on to say they had expressed concerns to 2GB and pulled their advertising.

Soon after, Anytime Fitness followed suit, pulling all advertising from 2GB with no further advertising planned with the station.

Big W, Bing Lee, Volkswagen and RSL Art Union also cut ties with the station, as did Koala Mattresses, who said Jones had had “too many chances” and it was “time to wake up”.

Snooze, Sleeping Giants, Amart and Bunnings have also pulled their advertising.

How much money has this cost 2GB?

While around a dozen advertisers have pulled from the show, celebrity publicist Max Markson says the cost to the station will be insignificant.

“To get space on that radio show – they’re sold out weeks in advance,” Markson told Yahoo Finance.

“The people who’ve cancelled are not major advertisers, they’re smaller companies who might be spending ten, twenty, thirty thousand dollars. They’re not major companies spending millions of dollars a year on advertising.”

Markson said normally, these companies would be buying a campaign that runs for around a month to six weeks.

“A live read for 30 seconds on Alan Jones’ show is around $3,000,” he said.

“So, if someone’s pulled 10 grand’s worth of ads – it’s nothing in a four hour radio show.”

“It will not affect the station or Jones in any shape or form.”

Markson said despite the noise, the strength of Jones’ brand won’t take a knock from the recent events.

“It will be a storm in a teacup.”

“Whatever advertising they lose will be taken up by other companies waiting to get on to the show.”

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