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How Aussie mum makes $25,000 a month from TikTok

The Sydney mum makes enough money from TikTok to cover expenses for her family of five.

Anaita Sarkar. Making money from TikTok.
Anaita Sarkar grew her TikTok audience to 300,000 followers and is now making bank through the platform. (Source: Supplied)

Anaita Sarkar was pregnant with her second child when she realised she wanted to quit her marketing job and become her own boss.

The Sydney mum-of-three originally started off her career in accounting before pivoting to media and then marketing.

“I think I was always questioning why I hated my job so much and it came down to just not wanting to work for anybody,” she told Yahoo Finance.

After resigning from her marketing job, Anaita immediately started work on her first e-commerce business selling personalised leather accessories.


The business started to take off and was getting 100 orders a day, when Anaita got the idea for her second e-commerce business.

“There was this one moment where I discovered that I was using way too much plastic and I wanted to switch over to something that wasn’t single-use plastic. That’s where the idea for Hero was born,” she said.

Anaita and her husband co-founded Hero Packaging, a sustainable packaging company, in 2018 and have now built it into a seven-figure business.

In between running two e-commerce companies and being pregnant with her third daughter, Anaita also found the time to write a book with tips for other business owners. To help sell the book, she turned to TikTok.

Anaita Sarkar TikTok
Anaita shares actionable marketing and business tips on TikTok. (Source: TikTok)

Gaining traction

Anaita started posting actionable marketing and small business videos on TikTok at the start of 2021. She was recording multiple videos every day and said this consistency was what helped her grow her follower count.

“I started to do four videos every single day, including Saturday and Sunday. In my first videos, I’m whispering … because I had sleeping babies in the background,” she said.

“No matter what was happening with the kids, whether they were sleeping or playing, I would create four videos.”

As her followers continued to grow, Anaita sold more books and eventually had brands reach out to work with her. Within 12 months, her TikTok grew to 300,000 followers and became a business in and of itself.

Making money from TikTok

Anaita is now earning $25,000 a month from TikTok, including around $10,000 from brand partnerships, and uses this money to cover her family of five’s expenses.

Her other main income streams come from book sales, affiliate marketing, speaking opportunities and business-advisory services - all which are connected to her TikTok through Linktree.

“I’ve now started to truly try and monetise TikTok because I see it as an avenue for my personal finances. I have e-commerce income and I also have a personal brand which makes me money. It’s very interesting and I love that I get to do it,” she said.

Anaita Sarkar.
Anaita recommends other Aussies stick to their niche and stay consistent. (Source: Supplied)

Anaita reinvests every dollar she earns from Hero Packaging back into the business and has since exited her first e-commerce business.

“It’s a lot of pressure on me because it feels like I have two full-time jobs and then I also have the kids, the husband and the normal household stuff.”

Anaita juggles everything by being “extremely organised” and taking 30 minutes each night to prepare for the next day, including social media content, packing lunches for the kids and meetings.

She doesn’t have an assistant, so relies on digital tools like Linktree for analytics and to help guide her followers to her various income streams.

Not always lucrative

For other Aussies hoping to earn money on TikTok, Anaita recommended sticking to your niche and being consistent.

“It’s not always going to be lucrative. You’ve got to be extremely clever about the way you create content and how you manage that,” she said.

“Understand what content works for you. If you follow trends just because someone else is, chances are it’s not going to work.”

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