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Russell Westbrook made officials double check a basket at the Staples Center. It was perfect

Russell Westbrook thought he found an issue with the rims at the Staples Center on Thursday night. They were totally fine. (AP/Eric Christian Smith)

The second half of the Houston Rockets game against the Los Angeles Clippers was delayed by a few minutes due to an issue with one of the hoops at the Staples Center on Thursday night.

Well, at least Russell Westbrook thought there was an issue.

Westbrook, just as the second half was about to get underway, called the officials over to complain about one of the rims. He didn’t think it was level. 

So officials brought out a ladder and quickly checked the hoop out.

It was perfect.

“The rim is level,” referee Kane Fitzgerald told TNT. “The backboard may be off a hair, but the rim is level at 10 feet.”

Now, Westbrook’s complaint isn’t that unusual. It’s totally plausible that a rim could be bumped during halftime — especially if there’s a halftime show that uses the hoops. 

What the 12-year NBA veteran saw, or thought he saw, with the rim on Thursday night, though, is anybody’s guess.

The Rockets rallied back from a 17-point hole to pick up a 122-117 win against the Clippers on Thursday night behind a season-high 40-point night from Westbrook — 25 of which came in the second half.

While the rim was completely fine, perhaps that extra break was exactly what Houston needed to pick up its fourth win in five games.

“It was lopsided, at least I thought,” Westbrook said after the game, via USA Today’s Mark Medina. “But it don’t matter.”

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