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Your home is an office in the 'new normal'

HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 printer with paper coming out of it.

After millions of Australians effectively worked from home during the coronavirus crisis, experts have predicted a more permanent shift after it's all over.

This means that many home offices may no longer just be a dining table with a notebook computer on it. Actually decking it out properly will make for a more comfortable 40 hours each week.

That's why I've taken a look at the HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 in the last month.

This printer, upon release at the start of the year, was marketed as a low-end small business device.

But with a $249 price tag, HP adjusted its message during the coronavirus lockdown period to market it as a home office.

So while it's pricier than many of the home printers available these days, how does it perform?

I found that the speed and running costs were much better than the cheaper home printers, as it performed in the realm of business equipment.

The unit does double-sided printing, and there is a paper tray – rather than a slide – to fit more paper in, just like the bigger office machines.

The shape is nice and compact to fit into a home environment, although you'll want a dedicated space to sit it.

With wireless printing, both via network and internet, you don't even need to have it out in the open if it doesn't fit your decor. Put it away in a closed cabinet and just access it when you're printing something. 

Like most modern printers, the 9010 comes with internet-connected software that'll allow you to print directly from your phone or tablet. The unit is multifunction, so it will also perform scan, copy and fax duties.

Overall, it's a good value machine to get office performance for a home-friendly price. 

If you're fair dinkum about setting up a home office, shell out a bit more than the dirt-cheap $50 option and grab a device like the 9010.

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