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‘Historic’: First visibly pregnant CEO features on business magazine cover

Audrey Gelman is the first 'visibly pregnant' CEO to feature on a business magazine cover. Source: Inc.

While the movement towards equality is gaining traction, we’re still seeing many firsts when it comes to recognising powerful women.

And one of those firsts happened yesterday when popular US business magazine Inc. debuted their October issue featuring 32-year-old The Wing CEO Audrey Gelman.

It’s a landmark moment as Gelman is the first visibly pregnant CEO to grace the cover of a business magazine.

While former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was pregnant when she featured on the cover of Fortune’s “The 50 Most Powerful Women” issue, Mayer declined to be photographed for the magazine, according to the The Atlantic, with Fortune opting for an old photo instead.

"It’s a huge day for @Inc as we debut the cover of our October issue, featuring the first pregnant CEO on the cover!" tweeted Inc’s senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin.

"It was fascinating and an honor to profile @audreygelman of @the_wing as it reaches fast growth internationally."

Gelman said she was ‘honoured’ to be on the cover of the magazine’s Female Founders issue.

Following her appearance on the cover, Gelman told the US’ Today Show that it was important to show women who are both pursuing careers and starting a family.

“You can’t be what you can’t see,” she said, “so I think it’s important for women to see that it’s possible to run a fast-growing business and also to start a family.”

"My hope is that women see this and again feel the confidence to take greater professional risks while also not shelving their dreams of becoming a mother and starting a family.”

Who is Audrey Gelman? And what’s The Wing?

Audrey Gelman founded a women’s co-working space and club in 2016, and set up offices for its 10,000-strong members all around America.

Gelman started the idea after constantly travelling for her then-job, and having no real ‘home base’ to answer emails or change outfits between meetings.

She described the offices as a “safe, affirming professional network” to The Vox earlier this year.

“You immediately walk in and feel this feeling that is really communal and it’s energising,” she said.

“Women set more ambitious life goals for themselves in the company of other women.”

The office spaces are application-only, and they cost US$125 (AU$) per month (or US$250 to access all locations), and received some criticism for being out-of-reach for many women.

Twitter responds to Audrey Gelman’s Inc cover

Women across the globe took to Twitter in support of the cover, with one user tweeting it was ‘inspiring and historic’ to see.

“This shouldn’t be a big deal (but it is)!” another said.

“YES!!! I never felt so fierce, strong and powerful than when I was 7 mo pregnant with my 2nd baby, defending my PhD and working full-time,” Justine Giosa said.

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Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit is on the 26th of September 2019 at the Shangri-La, Sydney. Source: Yahoo Finance