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Half-price specials: Woolworths, Coles' best deals this week

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Each week Woolworths and Coles both have a number of items on sale for 50 per cent off the normal price.

And for your convenience, Yahoo Finance runs through the aisles every week to pick out the best half-price deals – so that you can decide whether to go to Coles or Woolworths.

These half-price bargains would actually not make much money for the major supermarkets. But they do get customers through the door, with Coles and Woolworths betting that they'll pay full price on other items to complete their shop.

The specials below are on sale Wednesday August 28 and will last until Tuesday September 3 inclusive:

Coles: best half-price deals

Non-food items:

  • L'Oréal Revitalift Day Cream SPF15 50mL or Age Perfect Hydrating Day Cream 50mL: $16.45

  • Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwashing tablets 36-pack or 0% 42-pack: $16

  • Bonds Mens Guyfront Trunk underwear: $11

  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless foundation 30mL: $11

  • Biozet Laundry powder 2kg or liquid 2L: $10

  • L'Oréal Detoxifies & Brightens Pure Clay Mask 50mL or Men Expert Vita Lift Moisturiser 50mL: $10

  • Nature's Way Adult Vita Gummies Hair, Skin & Nails 60-pack or Adult Vita Gummies Multi-Vitamin 120-pack: $10 (other Nature's Way also half-price)

Image: Coles

Food items:

  • Lavazza Qualita Oro coffee beans or ground 1kg: $15

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 570g: $10

  • Nescafé Gold freeze dried coffee 180g-200g: $9

  • Moccona Barista Reserve instant coffee 175g: $9

  • Steggles Chicken Breast Goujons 1kg: $8.75

  • Sunrice Medium Grain rice 5kg: $8

  • Lindt Lindor chocolates bag 300-308g: $8

  • Cadbury Roses boxed chocolate 450g: $7.75

  • La Española olive oil 1L: $7

  • Twinings tea bags 80- to 100-pack: $5.50

Woolworths: best half-price deals

Non-food items:

  • Philips Sonicare Gum Health power toothbrush: $30

  • Farmers Market dry dog food 6.8kg: $17.50

  • Fairy Platinum Plus dishwashing tablets 45-pack: $17.50

  • Nature's Own Odourless Fish Oil 2000mg capsules 200-pack: $15 (other Nature's Way also half-price)

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Radiance Foundation 30mL or Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum 11mL: $11.50

  • Biozet Attack Plus Range laundry liquid 2L or powder 2kg: $11

  • Omo regular laundry liquid 2L or powder 2kg: $11

  • Mojo Hair Defining Paste 62g: $8.75

Image: Woolworths

Food items:

  • Vittoria Mountain Grown coffee beans or ground 1kg: $15

  • Lindt Champagne Gala box 460g: $15

  • KB’s Prawn Gyoza 1kg: $10.65

  • Australian pork rashers (from the meat department): $10 per kg

  • Lindt Cornet 337g: $10

  • Cadbury Favourites 570g: $10

  • SunRice Jasmine fragrant rice 5kg: $8.50

  • Ho Mai Entertainer Pack or Cocktail Spring Rolls 1kg: $7

  • Tasmanian Heritage brie or camembert 250g (from the deli): $5.90

  • Red Bull 4x250mL cans: $5.37

Image: Woolworths

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