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Half-price specials: Coles, Woolworths' best deals this week

Image: Coles

Australia's two dominant supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles, every week have items selling for half-price.

The retailers use the temptations to lure shoppers through the door, hoping they will also buy other groceries with higher margins to make up for the money the companies lose on the bargains.

Fortunately for you, Yahoo Finance has scoured the aisles to pick out the best “50 per cent off” discounts for both Coles and Woolworths – and we list them here in one place so that you can compare.

All these deals are on sale Wednesday August 7 and will last until Tuesday August 13:

Coles: best half-price deals

  • Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwashing tablets 50 pack or '0%' 60 pack: $19

  • Lindt Lindor Cornet chocolate balls 375g: $10

  • Biozet laundry powder 2kg or liquid 2L: $10

  • Gold Sunset Canola oil 4L: $9

  • Nescafé Gold freeze dried coffee 180g-200g: $9

  • Steggles Chicken Breast Goujons 1kg: $8.75

  • Sunrice medium grain rice 5kg: $8

  • Cadbury Roses boxed chocolates 450g: $7.75

Image: Woolworths

Woolworths: best half-price deals

  • Colgate ProClinical 250R Deep Clean rechargeable toothbrush: $25

  • Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwashing tablets 36 pack or '0%' 42 pack: $16

  • Biozet Attack Plus laundry powder 2kg or liquid 2L: $11

  • Huggies Ultra Dry bulk nappy pants 24-29 pack: $8.50

  • Essano shampoo or conditioner 300mL: $8

  • Head & Shoulders shampoo or conditioner 620mL: $6

  • Bulla Creamy Classics ice cream 2L: $4.50

Image: Woolworths

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