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'Disgusting' moment alleged thief pushes over great-grandfather with walker

Carly Egan

A cowardly, daylight attack on an 87-year-old man at a shopping centre in Brisbane has been caught on camera.

The great-grandfather was allegedly pushed off his walker, thrown to the ground and robbed.

As a former policeman, Ray Browne was used to run-ins with criminals, but he thought those days were behind him.

When an alleged thief picked Mr Browne out and asked for money at the Oxley shopping centre, the 87-year-old said he did not have any.

A man approaches 87-year-old Ray Browne. Source: 7 News

The suspect then allegedly grabbed the wallet from Mr Browne's walker, dragged the elderly man against a steel rail before pushing him to the ground.

He landed on concrete and was unable to get up.

The incident was captured on CCTV exclusively obtained by Seven News.

As the thief grabs Mr Browne's wallet, the pensioner falls to the ground. Source: 7 News

"I was trying to kick him to stop him but I couldn't reach him, I couldn't move," Mr Browne told 7 News.

The man ran off - leaving Mr Browne bewildered, bleeding and with pieces of skin missing.

"I was a bit lost, a bit shocked, I suppose," he said.

Ray said he was shocked by the ordeal. Source: 7 News

Shoppers helped get the great-grandfather off the ground while others took down the number plate of the alleged attacker's car.

"As we were leaving the medical centre a young man came up to me and offered me $20 - it's really, really nice," Mr Browne said.

The daylight robbery has sparked outrage with witnesses describing the attack as "disgusting".

Ray fell onto concrete and was unable to get up. Source: 7 News

On Sunday night a 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with robbery with violence.

No bail application was made.

"I'm 87 - they're picking on people who can't protect themselves," Mr Browne said.

His first arrest as a policeman was of a robber back in 1949 - now 69 years later, another is behind bars.