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How to get a FREE roast chicken at Coles

Coles free roast chicken voucher. (Image: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia)
Coles free roast chicken voucher. (Image: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia)

Savvy shoppers have noticed that Coles supermarkets have a policy of giving out a free roast chicken in certain situations.

In some Coles supermarkets there are signs that offer a voucher for a free roast chicken if there’s none in stock between 11am to end of trading.

Many people have taken to social media to explain how they’ve taken advantage of the offer – some scored a chook by chance, while others keep an eye on stock levels to pounce on the voucher.

“I sent my 20 year old son to Coles to get eggs. He proudly came home with a free chicken voucher. He noticed there were no chickens so asked for the voucher,” said Tabatha Gracie on Facebook.


Many shoppers have noted that the chances of scoring a free chicken increase at the end of the day, when the cooking slows down and remaining roast chooks are shredded for use in other products.

“I went to Coles at 7:45pm and the deli was in clean up mode with no hot chickens available. I had to ask for the voucher… [with] one week to use it,” said Alice Chesney.

A point of debate among bargain hunters is whether the policy applies to all Coles outlets or just the stores with a sign indicating it.

One social media poster noted there was no sign at his supermarket but the manager still honoured the deal.

“Just got my free roast chicken. They ha no chooks [sic], but removed all signs with price and the guarantee. Manager knew about it and said he has run out of vouchers… Agreed to hold one for me tomorrow,” said Glenn Whitfield.

Yahoo Finance has contacted Coles for clarification on the policy.

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