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Which Friends character would rake in the most money today?

How much might each Friends character be making today?

If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll remember The One With Five Steaks And An Eggplant where the issue of wealth briefly divided the six friends with Rachel, Phoebe and Joey on one side and Chandler, Monica and Ross on the other.

The issue was over money, and how comfortable each person felt forking out for birthday plans and expensive dinners.

But now, sixteen years after the show ended, the financial situations of each fictional character could be looking very different.

Resume-writing service StandOut CV asked more than 3,000 fans where they felt each of the characters would be today, and then drew up six resumes based on the survey results and evaluated their salary based on their skills.

According to fans, Joey Tribbiani – who spent most of the show barely able to pay bills and basic expenses, and frequently incurring debts to the other characters – would be the most well-off character today thanks to his acting career, earning more than $90,000 (£49,678).

“Fans believe Joey would’ve accepted an offer to make his own reality show, coming up with an all original ‘Keeping up with Joey Tribbiani’,” according to a statement by StandOut CV.

Earning the second-most among the friends would be Ross Geller, earning $87,179, whom fans felt would be a stay-at-home dad and pick up children’s book-writing to fill the time (though he would eventually return to his career as a palaeontologist).

Rachel Greene perhaps had the most impressive career trajectory throughout the entire sitcom, starting from being unemployed and depending on ‘daddy’s credit card’ but ending up as an executive for Ralph Lauren.

Fans believed that she would eventually found her own fashion label and earn more than $80,000 a year.

Chandler Bing also underwent a major career change when he finally quit the job that no one could remember the name of to become a junior advertising copywriter.

Fast forward to today, fans say he might have taken his love for writing to a comics magazine and been promoted to editor, bringing home around $70,000.

Phoebe Buffay was the least career- and money-oriented of them all and would have been quite popular being booked for gigs and entertaining people. But even if she did that full-time, fans predicted she would probably be spending all her free time giving free music lessons to disadvantaged children. StandOut CV estimated Buffay would make around $64,379.

Monica Geller might be the least-paid character of them all if she remained a head chef, earning around $63,732. But if she opened her own restaurant, she could be making nearly six figures, according to PayScale.

Here’s what each of their resumes might look like:

(Source: StandOut CV)

(Source: StandOut CV)
(Source: StandOut CV)

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