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The 5 feng shui rules your property should follow

Jessica Yun
How feng shui friendly is your home? (Source: Getty)
How feng shui friendly is your home? (Source: Getty)

When assessing properties for purchase, home buyers look at a range of things – from open-plan living areas to quality kitchens to natural light.

However, some buyers are seeking more in their house: good feng shui.

Feng shui is a Chinese geomancy art practiced by practitioners who believe that everything has a certain energy (‘qi’) and that arranging objects in a certain way can influence our lives.

Yahoo Finance spoke to feng shui master Philip Wong about what property investors should look for before purchasing their first home.

1. You have to like the property

“Personal feeling is very important to the property buyers when they are buying a property. They are not recommended to buy the property if they feel uncomfortable inside, even the price is favourable to them,” said Wong.

“Otherwise, if they do not make any professional Feng Shui adjustments after moving into the property, it will definitely affect their fortune.”

2. It should be sunny and airy for good luck

You want to ensure there’s enough sunlight coming into the property, and so the curtains should not be shut for long periods of time, according to Wong.

“Sunlight and air are the essence of humans’ life,” he said.

“It is also not suggested to choose a property that is blocked from the projection of sunlight by other buildings. The sun is full of positive energy (‘yang’) ... which can drive away some negative energy (‘yin’) and promote family fortune.”

Air circulation – ‘qi’ – of the property should also be considered.

“Letting ‘qi’ to enter the property from better direction can enhance the fortune of the house and of the property owners.”

3. The toilet should not be at the centre

If you’re looking to buy a home, pay attention to what’s at the centre: if it’s a kitchen or a toilet, you might want to think twice before buying.

Likening the centre of a property to the heart of a person, Wong said the kitchen represented the ‘fire’ element – which “will seriously affect [the] healt of the residents”.

“If the centre of the property is a toilet, it is where the sordidness is, which will influence the magnetic field of the property and affect the wealth, fortune and health of the occupants.”

4. Look to the water for wealth

If you’re looking to welcome more wealth in your life, you’ll want to pick a property with a waterfront view, whether it be a pool, sea or lake.

Alternatively, add a water feature near the entry of your home, according to development group Peet.

“The water should flow towards your home, allowing wealth to pour into your life.”

5. Wide gates for unobstructed wealth

Property buyers should take note of the front gate, too.

“The front door or the entrance should be wide enough and should have no debris blocked. Since the door is like a ‘mouth’, wealth and fortune could only get into the property without obstacles.”

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