Australia Markets close in 4 hrs 32 mins

EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – April 13, 2018

Colin First
The markets are jittery and nervous as gold and the euro are near support regions


The pair went down and sliced through the 1.2350 level during the Thursday’s session and is now looking towards supportive level underneath. But this pullback will offer a good buying opportunity to enter this market as long it stays above the general uptrend line. If it breaks below the uptrend line, then it will be reaching towards the 1.21 level which is a massive support level for the pair. …Read More


Initially, the British Pound was moving back and forth during the Thursday’s session but as the day progressed the market gained upward proclivity and tried reaching higher towards the 1.43 level. Dips in this market will offer good buying opportunity and with a strong support at 1.40 level. …Read More


The AUD continued to trade volatile during the Thursday’s session as there was a lot of noise in the market. As the pair is directly linked to the price movement of gold, it faced a lot of downward pressure. The 0.77 level underneath will continue to offer strong support and also if it goes further lower, buyers are likely to pick this market higher initially reaching the 0.78 level and then 0.80 level. …Read More


The USD continued to trade volatile during the Thursday’s session as the 107.50 level offered a massive resistance. If the pair manages to stay above the 106.50 level for some time then buyers are most likely to enter this market and the prices higher towards the 107.50 level and above. The performance of global stock market will continue to have a major influence in this market as both are positively correlated. …Read More

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