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EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – March 14, 2018

Colin First
The markets have been able to climb higher in a slow and steady manner


The pair exploded higher during the Tuesday’s session reaching towards the $1.2380 level, ultimately which will send this market towards the 1.24 and 1.25 level eventually. On the weekly chart, the pair has formed a bullish pattern and should continue to move higher towards the 1.32 level in long-term. Short-term pullback offers good buying opportunity to this market and going forward, this market will continue to see a lot of noise and volatility. …Read More


The pair rallied significantly during the Tuesday’s session breaking above the general downtrend line which the market was eyeing for quite some time. The market is going to target 1.40 level next and break above could be a very bullish sign and should reach 1.43 level. The 1.39 level underneath offers a strong support that extends up to 1.38 level. Pullbacks offer an excellent opportunity to buy into this market. …Read More


The AUD continued its choppy movement against the USD, as CPI data coming out of the US suggesting inflation was on track. This will definitely help gold to gain which in turn will help this pair to move higher. The pair is trying to reach towards the 0.79 level which is going to be bit resistive and a breakout could send this market much higher. In the short term, this market could witness some pullbacks with important support around at 0.7850 level and 0.78 level. …Read More


The USD has been volatile during the yesterday’s session initially rallying higher reaching towards the 107.5 level but got enough resistance to pull back slightly. If the market succeeds to break above the 107.5 level, then the market could extend gain to the 110 level over the long term. The pair has been making higher highs indicating of it trying to form some type base which will add to the momentum to go higher. …Read More

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