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‘Um, what?!’: Trump eyeballs Greenland for next purchase

Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland. Source: Getty

Twitter has broke out in hysterics as news emerges that President Donald Trump has asked aides about the possibility of the United States acquiring Greenland.

Yes - Greenland. As in, the massive island between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

The Wall Street Journal reported the idea of purchasing Greenland has captured the former real-estate developer’s imagination, with people familiar with the deliberations saying Trump has with varying ‘degrees of seriousness’, ‘repeatedly expressed interest in buying’ Greenland.

‘Um, What?!’, one user said on Twitter.

Another poked fun at low interest rates, saying, ‘Rates being what they are, we’d be crazy NOT to buy Greenland’”.

‘Ok this guy has officially lost his mind’,” one said.

Others chose to be a little more optimistic.

‘Some look at Greenland and say, ‘Why?’ Trump looks at Greenland and says, ‘Why not?’

And a little more practical.

‘I think we should rent Greenland to see if we like it first,” Ben Collins said.

More to come.

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