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Dad fired for taking sick day after looking after his ill triplets all night

Dad fired for taking a day off, after caring for his sick children all night. Source: Getty

Caring for triplets is tougher than working a 9-5, but imagine trying to do both on no sleep.

UK truck driver, Ross McLean felt it was too dangerous for him to work, after spending all night looking after his ill triplet daughters - and lost his job for it.

The Newcastle Chronicle reported he received a letter from his employers claiming he could be sacked for the sick day, and three days later he was told not to return to work.

McLean said he was “absolutely fuming”.

“I didn't realise they could just sack you on the spot like that.”

"I was surprised because they're meant to be big on mental health and things, they have all the posters saying come and talk to us if you've got a problem, but there was none of that."

McLean said he was paid for one week’s notice, as well as holidays he hadn’t taken yet.

He claims he’s taken just nine days of leave - mostly for his children - and had never been told his attendance was a problem

“They said they would give me a bit of leeway.”

"It's not like I wanted time off for myself - I've still got holiday days left, if I'd just wanted time off I would have taken them.”

“I tried to explain to my boss that it's hard now when the kids are so young, but should get better."

While the company said McLean could appeal their decision, the truck driver doesn’t plan on it, as he no longer wants to work for them.

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