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The Country with the Best Sense of Humor in the World

We recently compiled a report on the 15 Countries with the Best Sense of Humor in the World and in this article we will look at the funniest country.

How Memes Are Taking Over Our World

The concept of humor has changed with the advent of social media, sweeping today’s generation with the power and hilarity of the meme culture. According to Saint Hoax, the popular meme creator with more than 3 million Instagram followers, memes are nothing more than editorial cartoons for the internet age. Findings by the Pew Research Center show that Americans are a prominent part of this culture, and they use Facebook and YouTube the most among all social media platforms. Around 68% of Americans surveyed reported using Facebook, while nearly 83% use YouTube, and 47% use Instagram. All three of these platforms are a meme source, with YouTube’s Shorts helping the platform jump on the bandwagon.

Similarly, around 75% of individuals between the ages of 13 and 36 post memes on the internet, with 55% sharing them every week and 30% sharing them every day. Instagram reported that nearly one million posts containing the word “meme” were shared on the social media platform every day in 2020, highlighting the ingrained digital culture in the present generation. Meme sharing has doubled across the platform since 2021. Another research study conducted by Lucía-Pilar Cancelas-Ouviña during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown showed that humor was one of the primary features of memes shared on WhatsApp, a messaging application. The humor helped provide relief and comfort to people gripped by fear during the pandemic. You can also look at 30 Most Fun Cities in the US in 2024 for more insight.

Can You Make A Viral Meme?

Making a viral meme does not require hefty research: people can relate to it as long as it can make people feel things. The emotions do not necessarily have to be laughter and happiness, as good humor can make people feel disgusted, annoyed, or even angry. In fact, businesses that use memes as a solid marketing strategy are 60% more likely to attract customers and boost sales than businesses employing regular marketing tactics. Platforms like Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE)’s Free Meme Generator allows users to bring their hilarious ideas to life and craft a meme of their choice by using images, fonts, digital assets, and other tools. The platform also provides users with a number of templates derived from the most common internet memes. Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE)’s Firefly platform is also making strides in the field with Gen-AI, allowing users to edit their existing images and create innovative content using powerful Gen-AI tools.


On May 21, the company introduced Firefly-powered Generative Remove in Lightroom, Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE)’s cloud-based service that helps users edit, create, and store their images. The introduction has revolutionized AI editing in Lightroom. The new feature is one of the most powerful tools in the platform’s pocket, as it lets users employ Adobe Firefly to directly edit their content on desktop, web, and even mobile devices. Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE)’s Lightroom is also powered with other AI-powered tools, including the Lens Blur which incorporates an aesthetically pleasing blurring effect to images in one click. The company’s strides in Gen-AI integration have made creating, editing, and storing visual content extremely feasible on the platform, increasing Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE)’s popularity among amateurs and professionals alike.

Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE) is making huge leaps in AI and is pioneering video super resolution. Adobe's researchers have built a new model called VideoGigaGAN that can upsample old videos without introducing any foreign artifacts or creepy behaviors, as was observed with Luma Labs' model that generated creepy videos of the “distracted boyfriend” meme and several other generated videos of popular memes. The VideoGigaGAN is not available for commercial use yet and is only a research project at this stage. While the new model isn't necessarily focused on meme creation and is rather being designed to improve the quality of blurry videos, it certainly is impressive and the results are quite groundbreaking.

The Country with the Best Sense of Humor in the World
The Country with the Best Sense of Humor in the World

The Country with the Best Sense of Humor in the World

Our Methodology

In order to compile a list of the 15 countries with the best sense of humor in the world, we used a consensus approach and a visitor survey through Reddit. Firstly, we consulted ten online expert resources to compile a list of the 30 countries with the best sense of humor in the world. Next, we looked at ten Reddit threads that asked commenters to mention the countries with the best sense of humor across the globe. We only chose threads that had more than 50 comments and studied more than 500 comments to shortlist the countries with the most recommendations by Reddit users. We then counted the number of upvotes on each comment and chose the top 15 places with the most number of upvotes. The 15 countries with the best sense of humor in the world are arranged in ascending order of their number of upvotes on Reddit.

Note: This list is not exhaustive and does not reflect our opinion. The ranking is solely based on the opinions of mass consumers on Reddit.

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The Country with the Best Sense of Humor in the World

1. United Kingdom

Number of Reddit Upvotes: 612

The United Kingdom ranks first on our list of the 15 countries with the best sense of humor in the world. The country has 612 upvotes on Reddit, with a majority of people claiming to have had the most humorous conversations with people in this country. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Also known as Britain, the country is located in northwestern Europe, with its capital located in London, England. While England remains iconic as the birthplace of The Beatles and Shakespeare, London is one of the most prominent cultural, financial, and cosmopolitan hubs of the world. Around 66.97 million people live in the United Kingdom as of 2022, according to estimates by the World Bank. It is run as a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, with King Charles III as its monarch and Rishi Sunak as its Prime Minister as of the writing of this list.

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