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Cost of living damaging Aussies’ social lives: ‘Feels terrible’

The rising cost of living is impacting more than our hip pockets.

Cost of living
Aussies are seeing their friends and family less as the cost of living soars. (Source: Getty)

The rising cost of living is taking its toll on Aussies’ social lives, with many admitting they are now seeing friends and family less often to save cash.

Taking to the popular AusFinance subreddit, one user posed the question: “How has the cost-of-living crisis changed your social life?”

“After the third consecutive weekend of being stitched up, I’ve decided not to buy rounds on a night out anymore,” they said.


“In the good old days if someone was being stingy and not paying or shouting a round back, it was annoying. Now it’s a serious hit to the wallet.

“How’s inflation changed your habits?”

Aussies socialising less

Aussies flocked to the comments to share the changes they were making, with many admitting they were spending less time with loved ones and opting to stay in over going out.

“Definitely not spending as much time with friends and family. We were the couple who would always host and put on food and drinks and it’s what people expected of us. We have [RSVP’d ‘No’] to a lot of events also,” one person commented.

“Less family meals out. Used to eat out weekly. Now lucky if it’s once a month. Not because we can’t afford it, but it just feels terrible spending so much,” another person said.

“Deciding to cook more meals at home with my partner instead of going out with our friends. It's a bit disappointing but at least we still have each other and can eat together,” a third person said.

“Used to host friends at our house often. Now once [a] month max. We miss the gathering and fun, but [it] doesn't seem wise nowadays with interest rates rising every month,” another person said.

Other Aussies said they hadn’t made any changes to their social lives yet, but some admitted they didn’t usually go out and spend much in the first place.

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