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Considering moving in with your significant other? These 6 Amazon products will save your relationship from potential doom

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I’m pretty sure that the last thing you want to think about while shopping for stellar Prime Day home deals is the downfall of your relationship.

Unlike the title of this article suggests, your relationship is not actually doomed if you move in with your significant other without buying the below Amazon home products — sorry if I stressed you out! I just like to be dramatic for no real reason, but I do come from a place of experience.

When my boyfriend of eight years and I realized that we wanted to spend all of our waking and sleeping hours together forever, we signed a lease and booked it to IKEA. Two years later, we still want to spend all of our waking and sleeping hours together, but not without the help of six very specific Amazon home products.

Okay, I’m just being dramatic again for no reason. Obviously, we didn’t need these Amazon home products to live together successfully, nor were they necessary to keep the romance alive. Still, we’ve definitely found the benefits of having the below Amazon home products around our apartment.

So, if you’re considering moving in with your significant other, shop the six best Amazon home products that will save your relationship.

1. Hatch Restore, $129.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$129.99 at Amazon

Instead of trying to sync up your (very personal) sleep routines, this Hatch Restore sunrise clock allows both you and your S.O. to customize your wake-up routines. I haven’t glared at my blissfully sleeping boyfriend once while he sleeps through his 17 alarms since adding this to our life.

2. Silicone Case with Keychain Compatible with Apple AirPods, $5.73 (Orig. $19.99)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$5.73 $19.99 at Amazon

My boyfriend and I are very fortunate to both own AirPods. But the thing is, we both have the same exact model and would take the other person’s AirPods constantly. So, I searched for the best affordable AirPods case I could find to differentiate the headphones and voilà! No more mixing up our headphones during the morning rush.

3. Shower Cat – Hair Catcher, Snare, and Drain Protector, $14.95

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$14.95 at Amazon

Look, I already waxed poetic about this nifty shower hair catcher I saw on TikTok. So I don’t need to give you the entire rundown (you can read my more detailed review here!) — but I credit the Shower Cat with making our old, dark prewar bathroom a bit more pleasant.

4. Acko Black 18 Inches Non-Slip Folding Step Stool for Kids and Adults, $25.49 (Orig. $31.86)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$25.98 $31.86 at Amazon

As a 5’2″ shorty living with a 6’4″ tall boy, I had to ask my boyfriend to get pretty much everything down for me. But asking him to help me out was never the issue. Rather, it was the constant threat of my scaling the kitchen counter and cabinets to save my pride, slipping and thus bringing down everything we owned with me.

Now? Thanks to this tall foldable step stool, my pride is saved and (most) threats of injury due to shortness have been eradicated. A safe house is a happy house!

5. Holikme Metal Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mount, $8.99 (Orig. $17.99)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$8.99 $17.99 at Amazon

Have you ever walked into a shared closet and had every single broom, mop, vacuum and dustpan painfully hit your head before smacking down on your bare feet because your partner was the last person who cleaned and didn’t put everything away correctly? Yes? Then you’re in desperate need of this mop and broom wall mount. You’re welcome.

6. Decorative Extra Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $15.99 (Orig. $29.99)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$15.99 $29.99 at Amazon

Okay, I’ll confess: This throw blanket didn’t actually do anything to make a living together easier. Still, it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought for our apartment. There’s truly nothing better than snuggling up under here with your person watching Vine compilations on YouTube to remind you how happy you are to finally be roommates.

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