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Coles shopper reveals Woolworths sale tag difference as mum scores $120 haul for $12

A savvy mum of two said the bargain grocery haul would last her family at least three weeks.

An Aussie mum has revealed how she scored $120 worth of groceries including meat, vegetables and milk for less than $12 at Coles. And there’s a simple way other shoppers can do it too.

Kelly, who goes by Frugal Fun Mum online, told Yahoo Finance she scored the impressive haul by “pure luck”. She said she happened to walk into the supermarket at the right time and found a range of items marked down with “quick sale” stickers.

But the Adelaide mum of two said shoppers could score bargains by simply asking supermarket staff what time they did their markdowns and then shopping around that time.

Kelly Lakewood and Coles markdown haul
An Aussie mum has shared her impressive bargain grocery haul at Coles. (Source: Instagram)

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“It really is a store-by-store basis. What happens in one store in a certain suburb isn’t the same as another suburb,” Kelly said.


“You really need to ask in store and at least ask for a ballpark. They will often say it depends on staff availability to get out on the floor.”

Woolworths actually has time stamped markdown stickers, Kelly said, so shoppers can see exactly what time things have gone on sale. Coles stickers do not include this.


The Aussie mum’s bargain haul included three packets of Australian beef burger patties for 80 cents each down from $8, a kilogram of beef mince for $1.30 down from $13, and pork cutlets for 84 cents reduced from $8.41. In total, she spent $11.86 and saved $107.45.

Kelly also received a voucher for a free hot roast chicken, which is normally $12. Coles has a policy to give customers a voucher if there are no hot chickens in stock, which can be used within seven days.

Kelly said the haul would last her family of four at least a couple of weeks.

“I divide up all of the meat and that’s straight into the freezer. The milk is gone nearly instantly by the time we do chocolate milkshakes, make homemade ice-cream or white sauce for lasagna,” she told Yahoo Finance.

“You can also freeze the milk. You just take a little bit out of the container and then put the lid back on and put it in the freezer to allow for expansion. So you can freeze just about anything.”

‘Know your prices’

But Kelly recommended shoppers don’t get caught up in markdowns if they aren’t good value.

“Know your prices. I know how much milk is, bread,” she said.

“When I see a markdown, I’ll compare that with the price that I normally pay. If the price isn’t cheaper than the everyday shelf price then I don’t buy it.

“Just because something is on markdown doesn't mean it’s a better price. I have set limits for things like chicken, mince and red meat. So if the markdown doesn’t bring that cost down under [that] then I won’t get it.”

Kelly said she currently spends between $100 to $150 per week on groceries for her family and will base meals for the week on markdowns and specials available.

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