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How to claim $100 from the NSW govt for your ‘creative kids’

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Your daughter’s drama class and your son’s French lessons just got cheaper: the NSW government is offering parents of ‘creative kids’ a $100 voucher.

The voucher, available each year for students between 4.5 to 18 years old, can be used to offset the expenses associated with creative or cultural activities.

NSW Minister for Finance, Victor Dominello, acknowledged research finding engagement with creative activities has positive effects for kids, including interpersonal, intellectual, emotional and social development.

But he also noted that activities like music lessons, drama, photography, languages, graphic design, and even coding, can be expensive.

“Involvement in creative and cultural learning activities is critical to a child’s growth and development but the enrolment costs all add to the family budget and can be prohibitive,” he said.

Parents can access the rebate by visiting a Service NSW centre or heading online.

The NSW government also offers a similar $100 ‘active kids’ voucher for sport, fitness and active recreation activities. Those vouchers can be redeemed here.

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